26' Owner Upgrades to a 31'

Let me start by saying that I was never really a fan of a catamaran power boat, not because I had actually ridden in one but because quite frankly, I didn’t think they were as sleek looking or as “sexy” as some of the power boats which I have had in the past.
In 2003 and subsequently, in 2008, I had knee surgery on both knees respectively. My doctor told me I was to give up high impact sports, like racquetball and in particular, he told me the constant pounding of my fishing boat (31’ Angler) and quite frankly, every other fishing boat for that matter, was also a detriment to my knees.  Basically, he told me to give up fishing unless it was a flat calm day.

Now, you have to understand that as a 40 year airline pilot I am an avid fisherman who has plenty of time to fish and am on the water up to 3 or 4 days a week.  This news from my doctor was terrible and depressing. In 2009., a good friend of mine told me that Twinvee Powercats were building some new models, I should take a look and more importantly, I should test drive one of their boats.  I was still thinking of the old Twinvee’s with their not so sleek design, their low gunwales and basically not a sexy/great looking boat.  

Boy, was I shocked when I saw new their new 2010 redesigned 26’ Oceancat.  It featured a new cap on top, a slightly flared bow, 50 gallon baitwell and other extras.  This “ugly duckling” turned into a sleek looking sexy machine.  Looks are one thing but how would it ride? I was given a test ride on hull #1 and leaving the Ft. Pierce inlet, the seas were running closely spaced at 3 to 4’ and when I saw that, I held on while asking the captain to slow down because my knees couldn’t take the pounding that we were about to get.  He smiled and said just wait!

We hit the first wave and rather than slam, it was like cutting butter with a knife.  No bang, No slam, No wetness/spray coming off the bow, NOTHING! Holding a speed of 30 mph, we ran over and through each wave with not a pound or shudder.  My knees were feeling great and  despite being married at the time to my lovely wife of 26 years, I think I just fell in love once again, with the 26 Twinvee Oceancat.
I immediately ordered my 26’ Oceancat, hull #3 with twin 150 Suzuki engines and decked it out with every available option.  When it was delivered, Preston Yarborough, the plant foreman gave me one of the most thorough deliveries around.  Preston not only took the time to explain every feature but launched the boat and let me run it through its paces, answering questions and showing me some of the functions.  

I have owned Formula, Thunderbird, Pursuit, Angler, Trophy and a myriad of other boats, not one had been delivered and demonstrated like this, EVER!  Preston has a philosophy which is “take care of the customer.”  I had issues with this boat just like any other and when I called Preston, his words were always, “bring it up and we will make it right.”   He always lived up to his word.   My relationship with Preston Yarborough evolved from customer/plant foreman to “friends.”
Because of Preston, I decided in 2014 to order a 31’ Oceancat with twin Suzuki 300’s and almost every option you could think of.  
My boat was delivered within the time frame given and it was a beauty.  I thought nothing would outperform the 26’ Oceancat and boy, was I wrong!  The 31’ Oceancat allowed me the size and beam to make more Bahamas crossings, carry the necessary equipment and carry more fishing buddies. When I needed service, I would call Preston,  Lollie or Dawn, all of who have been with Twinvee for years.
It didn’t matter if Twinvee was about to enter a boat show or had deliveries to make that were time critical, Preston always had time to take care of my issues knowing that my fishing days are crucial when I am back from a trip overseas.
Because of the product and the personalized service, I have recommended Twinvee to several of my friends and I’m directly responsible for Twinvee delivering another 5 boats in a 3 year period.  
If you are looking for a good looking, great riding, well built boat backed by the factory, look no further than Twinvee Powercats.  You will not be disappointed!

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