Twin Vee PowerCats is a Premier American Boat Builder

Twin Vee has been designing and building catamaran boats for over 26 years, and we have delivered over 6,000 PowerCat boats worldwide. Our boats are American-made and manufactured in Fort Pierce, Florida, with our skilled workforce. Twin Vee is one of the most recognizable brand names in the power catamaran category known as the “Best Riding Boats on the Water.™

Twin Vee’s business mission is based upon the principle of designing and manufacturing safe, reliable, twin-hull PowerCats at an affordable price. Twin Vee’s are designed for recreational and commercial use, such as fishing, diving, tours, transport, and cruising.

Our home base is located on a 7.5-acre facility with buildings totaling 80,000 square feet. We employ approximately 85 people, some of which have been with the Company for over twenty years. Twin Vee designs and manufactures 100% of all fiberglass parts in-house. Other components such as mechanicals, pumps, motors, fasteners, and stainless hardware are all sourced to find the highest quality vendors and suppliers.

Through 26 years of designing and manufacturing multi-hull boats, Twin Vee has been a leading proponent for catamaran innovation and progress. As a result of this commitment, we have created some of the best catamaran powerboats in the marine industry. In addition to our production of traditional gas-powered boats, Twin Vee has launched several new products, including Twin Vee Electric, Electra Power Sports, and Boat MD.

Twin Vee Electric (www.twinveeelectric.com) has introduced a fully electric 240 center console with dual inboard electric engines and Mercury Bravo 3 outdrives. The 240 Electra will offer a sustainable carbon-free boating experience for the benefit of our lakes, waterways, and oceans. Additional electric Twin Vee models are being designed and added to our all-electric lineup.

We have assembled a highly skilled team of mechanical and electrical engineers to design the future of boating. Our newest innovation is the design and development of a self-contained, fully electric propulsion system. The new fully electric propulsion system is being designed under the name Electra Power Sports. We are engineering the development of a fully electric outboard propulsion solution for the marine industry. Electra Pro Motors will replace gas-powered combustion engines that run on noxious gaseous fuel and pollute our environment. We envision significant inroads with boat manufacturers by replacing gas tanks with battery packs. Existing boat owners would also be able to retrofit their existing gas-powered boats with Electra’s outboard motors and battery packs.

Electra Power Sports is committed to leading a sustainable carbon-free marine environment for our lakes, waterways, and oceans by providing electric propulsion solutions for the global boating market. Our employees are focused and determined to develop a fully electric outboard alternative to equivalent gas-powered outboard motor options. We are advancing marine technology to a sustainable net zero-emission environment and bringing a new, safer, quieter experience to boat owners worldwide.

Twin Vee looks a lot different now than it did when it manufactured its first boat. But one thing that hasn’t changed since then is our dedication to creating the best marine experience for our customers by continually innovating and building upon our boat designs. Through our commitment to our customers, we have built a brand synonymous with the best catamaran powerboat in the marine industry.

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Twin Vee has brought together a team of innovators, builders, designers, developers, and leaders and with great excitement, we introduce them to you!

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