Twin Vee PowerCats, Inc. Is a Premier American Marine Boat Builder Located in Fort Pierce, Florida.

Twin Vee has designed, built, and sold over 8,000 catamaran boats worldwide. Our boats are manufactured with mostly American-made products and a skilled workforce here in the United States. Twin Vee is one of the most recognizable brand names in the power catamaran category known as the “Best Riding Boats on the Water.

Twin Vee’s business mission is based upon the principle of designing and manufacturing safe, reliable, twin-hull quality PowerCats at an affordable price. Twin Vee’s are designed for recreational use, such as fishing, diving, and cruising. Twin Vee also designs and builds commercial boats with a wide range of uses such as tours, diving, fishing, and transport. Twin Vee’s home base operations in Fort Pierce, Florida, is a 7.5-acre facility with buildings totaling 80,000 square feet. The Company employs approximately 85 people, some of which have been with the Company for over twenty years.

Twin Vee embraces a modern technological approach in the way it designs, builds, and assembles its boats. Marine manufacturing has come of age with CAD/CAM design and technology. Advanced digital hydrodynamic software and 5-axis tooling are the leading edge of modern boat design and construction. Twin Vee’s research, development, and technology investment include CNC routers, CAD software, designers, product development, tooling, new molds, thermoforming, and more. Twin Vee manufactures 100% of all fiberglass parts in-house. Most parts used to build Twin Vee boats are designed and manufactured in-house. Other components such as mechanicals, pumps, motors, fasteners, and stainless hardware are all sourced to find the highest quality vendors and suppliers.

Through 25 years of designing and manufacturing multi-hull boats, Twin Vee has been a leading proponent for catamaran innovation and progress. The Company has dedicated itself to creating the best marine experience for its customers by pushing ride quality forward through new boat designs, specifically in the multi-hull, catamaran marine space. As a result of this commitment to improvement, the Company has created some of the best catamaran powerboats in the marine industry. The Company continues its innovation initiative and investment strategy to design, develop, manufacture, and market leading-edge marine technologies and related marine-based business ventures.

In addition to the Company’s annual production of gas-powered boats, Twin Vee has launched several new divisions, including Twin Vee Electric, Electra Power Sports, Boat Fuji, and Boat MD.

Twin Vee Electric (www.twinveeelectric.com) has introduced a fully electric 240 center console, a day cruiser. The first-ever fully electric-powered catamaran combining the Twin Vee ride performance with a twin motor, dual outdrive propulsion system. The 240 Electra will offer environmental sustainability, decreased noise output, speed capabilities, and a sleek modern design. The 240 electric prototype is a version of our popular 24-foot center console PowerCat typically powered with twin 150hp outboard motors. Twin Vee’s 240 Electra was designed and built for mass appeal, catering to the growing demand for sustainable, environmentally-friendly electric and alternative fuel commercial and recreational vehicles. The Company will build on the intended success of its first electric model. Additional models will be designed and added to the Company’s model mix and marketed and sold through Twin Vee’s existing network of dealers.

The Company has also begun the design and development of a self-contained fully electric propulsion system. The new fully electric propulsion system is being designed under the name “Electra” or “Electra Power Sports.” It will be marketed and sold to a wide variety of boat builders, boat dealers, and boat owners seeking to power or re-power their boats with a fully electric outboard propulsion system. The Company has hired several mechanical, electrical, and battery engineers to design clean energy, alternative fuel propulsion system for boats requiring an outboard solution for propulsion. The idea is to manufacture an end-to-end, fully electric propulsion system that could be used as an alternative to gas-burning engines. The Electra Power Sport propulsion systems have been gone through phase one design and are currently working through the mechanical.

Boat Fuji (www.boatfuji.com) is a web-based global marine platform where customers can buy, sell and rent boats, any size, anywhere. Boat Fuji’s mission is to provide a robust e-commerce experience for most aspects of the marine industry. Our goal is to be the leader in a large global industry that is disenfranchised between companies that manufacture boats, a dealer network that sells and markets boats, and customers seeking the same buying experience currently being offered by the automotive industry.

My Boat MD (www.myboatmd.net) is a new mobile marine service business serving boat owners with repairs, service, and warranty on-call, on-site, and on time. Boat MD will be a national organization of certified professional marine mechanics and the first and only nationally-branded mobile marine company offering boat repairs and service. Boat MD provides a web-based and mobile platform for scheduling, invoicing, and communicating with your Mobile MD technician to confirm the appointment, inform them of scheduled service, and any communications required to serve the customer’s boat better.

Twin Vee sells its boats through a network of independent dealers in North America. It has set up distribution and selling agreements with over a dozen North American dealers and is striving to develop international distribution.

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Twin Vee has brought together a team of innovators, builders, designers, developers, and leaders and with great excitement, we introduce them to you!