Rise in Power Catamaran Interest Seen in Twin Vee Sales

FORT PIERCE, FL / ACCESSWIRE / September 4, 2019 / Twin Vee PowerCats, Inc. (OTC PINK:TVPC), one of the largest production-based dual hull boat companies in the United States has seen a dramatic increase in sales in recent months. According to Joseph Visconti, president of Twin Vee, this rise in sales are due to the continuing rise of consumer interest in dual-hull boats. “Power catamarans are an ever-growing segment of the marketplace. Commercial and recreational buyers are increasingly looking to power cats because of their room, riding comfort, and stability,” Visconti says, “Whether it be buyers converting their old single-hull boats to dual hulls or first-time customers seeking out dynamic new power catamaran offerings – the increase in attention has been very apparent. Dealers from across the country have also shown great interest in representing Twin Vee and carrying offshore power catamarans as a new model line versus single-hull boats. Its an exciting time for us here.

Sports Fishing Magazine, an outdoors magazine featuring articles and reviews about recreational marine fishing, concurred with Viscontis opinion in an August 23, 2019 article by Chris Woodward. That article revealed that more American boat buyers have started gravitating to [power catamarans] during the past decade. Visconti believes that there has been a lot of misinformation about multi-hull boats in the past, especially by monohull boat manufacturers. Articles like the one in Sports Fishing Magazine, however, confirm that despite monohull boat manufacturers best efforts, the boating public is now more aware than ever of the significant advantages power catamarans have when it comes to fishing, offshore and coastal cruising, and recreational watersports. These boats speak for themselves and are gaining favor among seasoned and new marine enthusiasts alike.

Preston Yarborough, vice-president of Twin Vee Powercats, Inc., remarks that catamarans provide a more comfortable ride than their monohulled counterparts. There is a reason why virtually all high-speed passenger ferries are catamarans. Catamaran hulls cut through waves rather than plow over them. Compared to monohulled boats that leap from wave to wave, catamarans generally cut through waves, which significantly reduces the up-and-down movement of the bow and stern of the boat. Simply put, a boats hull design is the base platform for which a boat derives its ride, stability and ultimate boating pleasure. And with the emergence of power catamarans in recent years, Yarborough also believes that consumers are now more aware than they have ever been on the advantages of purchasing a multi-hull boat.

240 CC Powercat

New Designs and Better Appeal

The Sport Fishing article suggests that new innovations and aesthetic improvements in boat designs are partially to thank for the growing interest in power catamarans. Knowing this since the company went under new management a few years ago, Twin Vee Powercats, Inc. has been hard at work designing new and thrilling boat models to ensure that potential boat buyers give twin-hulled boats a chance. Just this year, Twin Vee launched their 24-foot dual console and 24-foot center console power catamarans. Both boats offer something unique to potential boat buyers and provide amenities that fishers and families alike will treasure.

Our new 240 Center Console (CC) PowerCat is loaded up with best-in-class amenities, with an impressive list of standard features that are normally optional equipment on our competitors comparable models, comments Yarborough. For starters, the 240 CC PowerCat was designed and built with an all-composite body that offers superior stability. Moreover, everything from the washdown pump, structural components, the 80-quart cooler box, built-in console lockable storage area perfect for use as a changing room or storage of bulky items, oversized 40 gallon live well, in-deck fish boxes, boarding ladder, and premium vinyl upholstery throughout (just to name a few) all come together to creates a unique and extraordinary boat that exemplifies the great strides our company has taken in recent years, states Visconti.

The all-new 240 Dual Console

If a crossover is more your style, look no further than our 240 Dual Console (DC), posits Yarborough. Following a classic dual console layout, the 240 DC is spacious for its 24-foot length. It utilizes all of its 8-foot, 8-inch beam creating a wide U-shaped lounge seating area with molded cooler below. According to Yarborough, the aft-facing sun lounge with dual-position backrest makes a great spot to soak up the sun. The helm is clean and clear, with a tinted, tempered curved green glass windshield. Driver and companion ride on plush seating and upholstery, too.

The Ease of Operating a Power Catamaran

Yarborough believes that when customers set aside the misinformation and myths about power catamarans they may have heard and go for a test drive, theyll be convinced of how much fun they are to own and operate. Some customers believe that its too difficult to learn how to drive a power catamaran, and they worry that theyll never get used to it. However, power cats are incredibly simple to operate: once you learn the basics of keeping a proper trim youll be 90% of the way to becoming an expert, expressed Yarborough. In fact, experienced boaters will tell you that learning to drive a catamaran was easy and theyll never go back to a monohull, Yarborough adds that prospective purchasers spend time with their Twin Vee authorized dealer to get the feel for operating a power catamaran and ask any questions they may have before making a final decision.

The 240 DC out on the water

Visconti believes that the Sports Fishing article got it right that power catamarans have been gaining popularity. With their superior stable ride, fuel efficiency, performance, and the spacious fishing platform they offer – power catamarans are becoming more difficult to ignore as a viable option for potential purchasers. Twin Vee has seen tangible proof of this increase in power catamarans interest on the production line at their manufacturing plant in Fort Pierce, Florida. As we release updates of previous boat models, unveil completely new and innovative designs, and invest in our infrastructure to manufacture better quality products, more people are hearing about our twin-hull boats and are impressed when they learn of the advantages and amenities our power cats provide.

Those interested in reading the original Sports Fishing Magazine article can find it here. You can also learn more about Twin Vee PowerCats, Inc., all of their current boat models, the components utilized in their manufacture, as well as find your nearest Twin Vee PowerCats’ dealer, at www.twinvee.com.

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Headed by CEO Joseph Visconti, originally founded in 1994, the company designs, manufactures, and sells recreational and commercial twin-hull power boats under the Twin Vee brand name. Over the past 25 years, the company has concentrated on perfecting the high-speed twin-displacement hull design, also known as a catamaran powerboat. For more information, go to www.twinvee.com or visit Twin Vee Powercats, Inc.s Facebook page.


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