Twin Vee PowerCats is a Premier American Marine Boat Builder located in Fort Pierce, Florida. Twin Vee has been designing and building boats for over 26 years, and throughout the Company’s history, Twin Vee has sold over 8,000 PowerCats worldwide.  Our boats are manufactured with American-made products and an exceptionally skilled workforce here in the United States.  Twin Vee is one of the most recognizable brand names in the power catamaran category and is known as the “Best Riding Boats on the Water.”

Founded nearly 30 years ago, Twin Vee PowerCats Co. is dedicated to creating the best marine experience for our customers by continually innovating and refining our power sport catamaran boat designs.  Our shared mission has allowed us to create a brand synonymous with the best catamaran powerboat in the marine industry and known for being the “Best Riding Boats on the Water™.”

Headquartered in Fort Pierce, Florida, Twin Vee’s highly experienced craftsmen lavish a great deal of attention to detail on every Twin Vee PowerCat before it leaves the factory. Our team of skilled men and women have an unwavering enthusiasm to construct the best boats we can for our customers, providing an unsurpassed boating experience at an affordable price. As a result of this company-wide commitment to excellence, the products we build are born from a passion for what we do. 

Twin Vee develops new, exciting, and innovative products year after year that appeal to people with a love for boating and those who find being on the water a key aspect of their lifestyle.  We are focused on building boats renowned for their best-in-class design, features, and amenities without skimping on quality.  Twin Vee boats are increasingly versatile, allowing customers to use them for a wide range of activities (fishing, diving, water skiing, cruising, etc.) that enhance the experience of a day on the water with family and friends.

Twin Vee is comprised of a dozen different departments working seamlessly together like a symphony.  Our iconic power catamarans are built from hundreds of different components and high-quality materials either produced in-house or obtained from preferred suppliers.  Designed and manufactured from the ground up and tested extensively before delivery, Twin Vee boats produce the driest and smoothest ride of any boat in their class.  

To date, Twin Vee has sold over 7,000 catamaran powerboats worldwide and received numerous accolades and awards for industry achievements.  We’ve got here because Performance, Quality, Style, Innovation, Craftsmanship, and our Customer First Service Pledge are the hallmarks of our brand.  As a leader in the power catamaran segment of the marine industry, we are just getting started.  

Our mission is to provide our customers with the boating memories of a lifetime at an affordable price, beginning with designing exciting and relevant nautical innovations and ending with unsurpassed quality in manufacturing.

The Twin Vee Power Catamaran Difference

Twin Vee was founded in 1994, with the aim of refining the power catamaran hull to perfection. Using a distinctive experimental prototyping process, Twin Vee has developed twin hull configurations that slice through waves, wakes, and choppy seas cleanly, while maintaining speed and direction. Twin Vee’s power catamaran hulls have been fine-tuned to maximize fluid induction between the two hulls and create counter-rotating hydrodynamic vortexes of compressed air and water that provide a cushion of kinetic energy, which softens wave impacts for a dramatically smoother ride, even in rough seas. The resulting pressurized mixture is then channeled through the hull’s trailing surfaces to provide super-clean and highly ordered water for better propulsion by the props.

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The American Dream Boat

Twin Vee PowerCats, Inc. is proud to manufacture American-made products with American marine craftsmen in an American factory. Twin Vee boats are hand-built by an experienced workforce in Ft. Pierce, FL. The highest-quality materials from preferred suppliers are used and all of the boats are extensively tested before delivery. Twin Vee PowerCats, Inc., regularly makes significant investments into new technology that augments the company’s traditional hand-built process.

For these reasons, we believe that Twin Vee PowerCats are unsurpassed among power catamaran boats and deliver an extraordinary boating experience. Twin Vee PowerCats is one of the most recognized brands in the power catamaran industry and has received numerous accolades and awards for industry achievements.

Twin Vee PowerCats, Inc. has grown significantly since its inception and continues to grow, but always with an unwavering dedication to providing an unsurpassed boating experience at an affordable price.

Prepare for takeoff. Countdown to summer 2024.

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