I took a drive to South Carolina today to test run a 240 center console and the new 280GFX center console. I came away from today’s sea trial absolutely blown away with how the 28 beast literally tamed a 3-4 ft washing machine of a sea today. I launched the boat four times into the head sea and every single time it landed as soft as if there were gentle rollers out there. Kudos to the engineers at TV for creating probably one of the best riding boats I’ve ever been on. The 24 did pretty good considering the conditions but after running the 26 last weekend I will have to say that the 26 is definitely more oriented towards bigger seas and offshore fishing compared to the 24. The 28 exhibited very little tunnel slap and when it did it was very muted. You can tell that the 28 is far more substantial in construction and weight. I will post a couple of pictures of the 28 and the 24… I will also try to post a video of each.