It’s Time to Buy American Products: A Letter from Inside an American Factory

FORT PIERCE, FL / ACCESSWIRE / April 1, 2020 / Twin Vee (OTC PINK:TVPC) is a business like any other, Our Company builds products, and of course, we need to sell our products to generate enough revenue to pay our 50 plus skilled employees. Our Company has been designing and building American boats for over 25 years. The products we produce are not essential according to the recent government guidelines, but some would argue, essential enough for family time, living life, and recharging. Boating is the benefit of hard work, saving your money, and being responsible. Boating is one of the few activities that allow a family to spend time together while enjoying the outdoors. American boat builders work hard and the products we build are “Very” essential to our American life, American families, and we can’t sit and wait for this Great American Industry to wash away.

Most American boat builders are companies with less than 200 employees; the products we design are born from Passion. The skilled workers that build and assemble these boats work hard, long hours. Laying fiberglass, covered head to toe in Tyvek suits, full facial respirators, head socks, eye protection, grinding, cutting fiberglass, sanding, painting, yes, its hard work. But we Love It. Every American manufacture need your support during this Financial and Health Crisis, we cannot let a single American factory close its doors simply because we have chosen to wait 30, 60, or 90 days to purchase the boat, car or RV we have been waiting and saving for. Now is the Right time, Now is when Every American Factory needs your support and loyalty.

Buying your boat today matters more than Ever, As the owner of a boat building company I can tell you firsthand that sales have slowed, people are scared, and most people are waiting to see what happens. “The Waiting” is the problem for manufactures; our inventories will grow to unhealthy levels, Non-Action is going to damage our economy for a very long time. We all get it; We are all in crisis and survival mode; save money, stock up, don’t take unnecessary risks. My Plea to Everyone; Now the most important time ever to pull the trigger on your new boat, automobile or RV. I am confident that most manufactures will extend some special pricing, and your commitment to move forward will help get our economy back on its feet and moving forward.

We are being smart about COVID-19, we have separated our workers, providing an increased level of protection, we have reduced our staff, so all workers are 10 feet from each other. We have overly communicated that the health, safety, and welfare is Priority #1. Wash your hands more, don’t shake hands, stop touching your face, and don’t share food or drink. We will break the back of this Virus, and we cannot let the Virus break the back of our Economy. We cannot let COVID-19 take our Economy down. We All need to do our part. The Twin Vee factory will remain open, we are building boats, and we invite you to rethink the “wait and see.”

Get your family on the water, there is not much left to do, and I am sure your kids are driving you crazy. Yes, we want the world to experience the Best Riding Boat on the Water-Twin Vee, but with our factory located in a boat building mecca, the Treasure Coast of Florida. As long as you buy a boat, any brand boat from one of the many great American boat builders in our Country, then the goal of this letter will have been accomplished.

Twin Vee is offering a significant one-time incentive for the next 30 days. This incentive is not a Me-too marketing plan, but the Real Deal to help our customers and to do our part to keep the economy moving forward. We have no choice but to keep our doors open and keep our economy healthy. If you’re willing to buy a big-ticket item when most people are hiding their money under the mattress, then it is only fair that we meet you halfway and make your boat as affordable as possible. Super low-interest rates, lowest fuel costs in years, Twin Vee’s financial discount, its time, let’s do this. Thank you for reading this letter, and we hope you take us up on this offer.

Be Safe, Stay Safe, and Go Boating.


Joseph Visconti
Twin Vee PowerCats

About Twin Vee PowerCats, Inc.

Twin Vee PowerCats is a Premier American Marine Boat Builder and Tooling Company. Twin Vee proudly manufactures American-made products with an exceptional and highly skilled workforce in Ft. Pierce, Florida. Twin Vee has been designing and building boats for over 25 years, go to or visit Twin Vee Powercats, Inc.’s Facebook page.

Joseph Visconti
(772) 429-2525

SOURCE: Twin Vee Powercats, Inc.

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