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FORT PIERCE, FL / ACCESSWIRE / November 20, 2019 / Twin Vee PowerCats, Inc. (OTC PINK:TVPC), one of the largest production-based dual hull boat companies in the United States, was recently featured in the magazine Center Console Life. Joseph Visconti, President of Twin Vee, stated that Center Console Life is a new magazine that focuses on center console recreational boats and reviewed Twin Vee’s 240 Center Console (“CC”) Powercat in its latest issue. “Center Console Life’s second issue features boats under $100,000, and Twin Vee was among those selected to be reviewed,” Visconti said, “We’re so excited to be featured in a new enthusiast publication that focuses on the recreational powerboating lifestyle that we all love and want to share with others.

According to their website, Center Console Life is a brand-new magazine that “concentrates on the most popular boat style in the recreational marine industry today – the center-console.” The magazine is dedicated to helping prospective buyers to choose and outfit a center-console boat as well as to showcase “the enjoyment and satisfaction of fishing, cruising, water sports, and quality family time.” Created by Taylor Publishing Group, Center Console Life is helmed by Barry Gibson (formerly the editor of Saltwater Sportsman Magazine) and Bill Taylor, who has created dozens of outdoor recreation magazines, shows, and events that introduced readers to the boating lifestyle. In its second issue, the brand-new magazine examined a number of budget-friendly boats, including the 240 CC Powercat.

240 CC Powercat

Center Console Life Reviews the 240 CC Powercat

A few years ago, Twin Vee Powercats, Inc. began redesigning new and thrilling boat models to ensure that potential boat buyers give twin-hulled boats a chance. Among the reimagined boats Twin Vee has developed, Twin Vee launched the 24-foot center console power catamaran earlier this year to enthusiastic acclaim. Center Console Life showcases the boat in its review.

Touting the 240 CC Powercat’s features, Preston Yarbarough, Director of Product Development and Vice President for Twin Vee, goes over the best-in-class amenities on board with the magazine. Everything from its 30-gallon fish boxes, 36-gallon live well, built-in rod holders, to its abundant seating throughout the deck. Visconti adds that the 240 CC PowerCat was designed and built with an all-composite body that offers superior stability to v-shaped hulls. “The amenities that were featured in the article, as well as the others not mentioned, all come together to create a unique and extraordinary boat that exemplifies the great strides our company has taken in recent years,” explains Visconti.

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240 CC Powercat featured in Center Console Life

The Center Console Life article also encourages boating enthusiasts and anglers to test drive a catamaran. Yarborough believes that when customers get behind the wheel of a 240 CC, they will see form themselves that it delivers a stable ride and excellent fuel economy. “Power cats are incredibly simple to operate. Once you learn the basics of keeping a proper trim you’ll be well on your way to becoming an expert,” stated Yarborough. “In fact, experienced boaters will tell you that learning to drive a catamaran was easy and they’ll never go back to a monohull because of the benefits of owning a power cat,” Yarborough adds.

Bow Storage – Two large storage boxes at the bow are insulated and can be used for coolers or dry storage.

The 240 CC Powercat Life

In addition to the attention from the Center Console Life article, Twin Vee’s 240 CC was also featured by Florida Sportsman Magazine earlier this year, stating that the “model certainly hits the mark for style points along with fishability.” Visconti is proud of the work he and his team did designing the 240 CC and is delighted to see it get recognized by authorities in the recreational boating world as well as customers alike. “Twin Vee has built more than 7,000 boats since its inception in 1994 and I think it is very fitting that the newly revamped Twin Vee company we started to build a few years ago to better serve our customers has created a boat that has resonated so well with the community. We believe the new 240 CC is just the start of a wave of innovation from Twin Vee that will change the way our customers live, work, and play for the better,” exclaims Visconti. “Like Center Console Life Magazine, Twin Vee believes that its boats are indeed a lifestyle.”

Those interested in reading Center Console Life’s review of Twin Vee’s 240 CC Powercat can find it here. You can also read more about Center Console Life, including their first two issues, at

More information on the 240 CC Powercat can be found on Twin Vee’s website here.

Twin Vee’s 240 CC Powercat Excerpt from Center Console Life

About Twin Vee PowerCats, Inc.

Headed by CEO Joseph Visconti, originally founded in 1994, the company designs, manufactures, and sells recreational and commercial twin-hull power boats under the Twin Vee brand name. Over the past 25 years, the company has concentrated on perfecting the high-speed twin-displacement hull design, also known as a “catamaran powerboat.” For more information, go to or visit Twin Vee Powercats, Inc.’s Facebook page.

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