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280 Center Console GF

The Twin Vee 280 Center Console Go Fish has Arrived!

Meet Twin Vee’s NEW 280 CC Go Fish. Performance, Fuel efficiency & Stability…the 280 GF has more sq. ft. Deck Space than ANY boat in its class. We pushed the limits of what is Possible. Function defines form. Every aspect of the 280 Go Fish was designed in pursuit of PEAK Performance and Ride Stability.







Total Fuel Capacity

170 Gallons

Max HP

400 HP

Starting At w/ Power



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  • Advanced Build Process - Twin Vee

    Advanced Fabrication Build Process

    Our “Advanced Fabrication Build Process” features a no wood, all-fiberglass & composite construction, meticulously engineered to withstand the test of time and was built using advanced composite materials, resins, and bonding agents. The hulls are crafted with DCPD Blended Polyester resin for its ultimate weather ability and resistance to water intrusion. A 10-Year Limited Hull Warranty is standard on all Twin Vee Boats.

  • premium upholstery

    Premium Marine Vinyl & Upholstery

    Our premium marine vinyl is a next-generation nanotechnology designed to provide ease of cleaning, protection from mildew and tough UV protection against discoloration. This protection creates a tough layer against abrasions, grease, grime, oils, and even gasoline. This high-performance marine vinyl fabric is designed to pass the test of time with a soft yet durable feel and Twin Vee’s exclusive look.

  • Bow Storage, Molded Insulated

    Two large storage boxes at the bow will give you plenty of places to stow away your items. They are both insulated and can be used as coolers or storage.

  • Fiberglass Bow Hatches

    Fiberglass Bow Hatches – Compression-Molded P&S

    Twin Vee bow hatches are manufactured with a compression mold process that allows for a double-sided finished underside. Coupled with Gemlux friction hinges and latching hardware, you have a yacht quality bow hatch that adds to the supreme fit and finish of your Twin Vee.

  • Premium “MaxGuard” Gel Coat

    Twin Vee uses the highest quality polyester-based gel coats to provide a smooth finish on all gel coat surfaces of a fiberglass part. Twin Vee’s meticulous Gelcoat application process is designed for the best possible cosmetic appearance, weather ability and provides long-lasting durability in critical use applications. Twin Vee uses a specialty Gel Coat named “Maxguard.”

  • Marine Fuel Tanks

    Fuel Tanks – Florida Marine Tanks

    Florida Marine Tanks, an ABA, and IBBI preferred aluminum tank supplier, was founded in 1974 in Miami, Florida, and continues to provide the marine industry with the highest quality fuel, water, and holding tanks available today. Florida Marine Tanks “FMT” is committed to building the safest and best-in-class products in the marine industry. FMT tanks are custom fabricated using prime grade marine aluminum 5052H32 alloy or 316L stainless steel. Material thickness ranges from .125″ to .250″, depending on the size and configuration of the tank. FMT tanks are manufactured with the appropriate baffles, fittings, and sending unit, all tanks meet or exceed ABYC and NMMA standards.

  • New Wire Marine Switch Panel

    New Wire Marine, located in Charleston, SC., builds the highest quality, custom marine switch panels. Each switch panel is hand-built, etched, and assembled in the USA, which is why New Wire Marine designs and manufactures switch panels for many of the leading boats builders.

  • Marine Dry Storage Box with USB, 12v receptacle and Circuit Breaker Protection

    With the ever-growing demand to keep your devices charged, we include two USB plugs at the helm. The two included USB plugs will keep your devices charged without interfacing with any other device. It also includes a 12V receptacle where you can plug in any cigarette-lighter style plug.

  • U-Flex Steering System

    U-Flex designed the Silver Steer Hydraulic system for high performance and high torque applications. The Silver Steer features a 1,500 PSI helm and keyed bullhorns on the cylinder for maximum durability and minimal lost motion. The Silver Steer also delivers smooth, responsive, and precise steering.

  • Windshield: Acrylic 3-Sided

    Taylor Made has engineered many of the key innovations in marine glazing systems, including the first curved glass windshields. Twin Vee has chosen Taylor Made for their Sport Boat shields that are manufactured to exceptionally high design standards of finish and quality and feature stylish, aerodynamically shaped surfaces, excellent optical quality, and durable framing.

  • U-flex User Interface

    • Safety switch ON/OFF (SMART BUTTON)
    • Three different power levels with light indicator
    • Motor temperature visual indicator
    • Twin-engine key selection included
    • Lighted panel for stand-by position
    • Plug-in wiring harness
    • Suitable for a second station installation
  • Blue Guard Solid-Sate Float Switches

    The Blue Guard BG-HW (High Water Sensor) detects salt or freshwater and can be easily integrated into any vessel’s alarm system. Water in any compartment of a vessel is a potential crisis. Early warnings of water entering the hull or leaking from plumbing are extremely important for the safety of the vessel and passengers. The BG-HW is CE and ISO 8846 Marine Ignition Protection Certified, tested to ABYC-1500 standards.

  • Gemlux Thru Hulls

    Gemlux utilizes a new manufacturing process that guarantees strength and corrosion resistance that is needed for all types of environments. Gemlux Cutting Edge design ensures a flush fit, and the high grade 316 Stainless steel adds a little extra sparkle to your boat.

  • Gemlux Friction Hinges

    Gemlux Friction Hinges are designed to eliminate the need for gas shocks or hatch springs. Friction is built into the barrel of the hinge using patented technology from GEM. Holds open hatches, live well lids, radio boxes, and many more applications.

  • Gemlux Pull-up Cleats

    This revolutionary cleat is not only smooth and rattle-free, but it utilizes a new manufacturing process that guarantees strength and corrosion resistance that is needed for all types of environments. Gemlux Cutting Edge design ensures a flush fit.

  •  Twin Vee Raised Brushed Titanium Logo

    Titanium is the ultimate material for boat hardware. It will not rust or corrode. The raised brushed titanium Twin Vee logo on your boat will look slick and new for years to come.

  • Boarding Ladder

    Easily board your boat from in-between the motors with the standard 4-step ladder. Easy to use and put away, this ladder comes standard with handrails for safe boarding.

  • Bilge Pumps, Pentair Shurflo 2000 GPH (2)

    Heavy-duty and built to last. Shurflo nylon bilge pumps offer a unique motor cooling system to ensure efficient performance and long life. 6’ Tinned Wire Assembly, Anti-Airlock, Tough Nylon Housing, Ignition Protected, Water Cooled Motors, and comes with a 3 Year Warranty.

  • Raw Water Washdown

    With an unlimited supply of seawater, it is the perfect companion for the freshwater washdown. This system pumps outside water to a water outlet where you can screw in a regular hose.

  • Fresh Water Pump, Pentair Shurflo Aqua King II

    The Shurflo Aqua Fresh Water Pumps were created with a unique, over-molded single-piece diaphragm and internal by-pass assuring long life and top performance in all plumbing systems. These freshwater automatic demand pumps are quiet and can run dry without damage. Sealed switch, Ignition protected and Thermally protected.

  • Ritchie Compass - Twin Vee

    Ritchie Voyager Compass

    Considered one of the Four Great Inventions, the compass remains the cornerstone of any navigation system despite our advanced digital displays. Regardless of condition, your compass provides real-time heading, and when used in combination with your GPS data, it allows you to optimize performance, fuel efficiency & improve safety.

  • Electric Marine Horn

    Schmitt & Ongaro marine-grade horn featuring 12 volts with a stainless steel exterior, deluxe stainless steel inside and out. These quality marine horns are highly reliable for signaling other boaters, swimmers and water sports enthusiasts.

  • Enclosed Head

    A standard feature on this boat is a self-contained Porta Potti, a sleeker seat and cover design, with an ergonomic carry handle, lid latch, redesigned valve handle, fill cap and pump. Sealed valves keep odors in the tank, and the easy-to-read level indicator tells when it’s time to empty. A portable and convenient lightweight toilet with a unique space-saving design. The push-button technology makes it easy to use and will always ensure a powerful and hygienic flush with fewer pumps and less mess.

  • Anti-Fatigue Helm Pad

    Feel the comfort with our custom Twin Vee anti-fatigue helm pads. You will notice a difference at the end of the day, and your feet will thank you for it. Custom engraved with the Twin Vee logo for that extra touch.

  • Pacer Group

    Pacer Group

    In a boat, wires will often need to run through tight spaces and make frequent bends and turns. Standard cable and wire may not be able to handle the turns and bends without compromising the integrity of the wire itself. It is for this reason that Twin Vee has chosen Pacer Group as our cable and wire supplier of choice. Pacer Group has developed a unique line of marine battery cable that carries a proprietary insulating jacket. These cables and wires were designed for durability, flexibility, and longevity. The marine battery cable we use is so durable in fact that it is designed to out-live the battery itself.

  • Marine Grade Battery Cable

    Marine battery cable is a durable, high-quality cable designed to handle the harshest marine environments. To survive in a marine environment, battery cables need to be flexible, able to withstand the constant vibration that a boat is subject to, as well as survive a wide range of other environmental conditions.

  • Twin Vee Self Bailing Cockpit

    This important feature allows water on the deck to drain through the boats Thru Hulls and not into the bilge area. Water that seeps into the bilge can be pumped out by the bilge pump.

  • Freshwater Washdown w/Tank

    Standard with a freshwater washdown with a six-gallon tank. Common uses include hosing down the deck, cleaning up the floor after you reel in a big fish, or rinsing off yourself after a day at the sandbar. It’s a great creature comfort you will quickly appreciate having.

  • Euro Transom Holders

    Euro Transom Rod Holders

    Never enough rod holders, for your convenience we have added an additional group of Rod Holders to the transom of your Twin Vee. These top-quality rod holder is tapered for that contemporary look or Euro Style as they say. “Who are they?”

  • High-Speed Livewell Pick Up

    As the name suggests, high-speed pickups ensure that your livewell is receiving a consistent water supply even at high speeds. The scoop shape design directs water into the intake and reduces airlocks at high speeds. Additionally, the strainer design on the scoop provides the filtering of large debris.

  • Tackle Center

    Tackle Centers

    There is never enough storage for your gear. Your custom-designed and built tackle centers offer easy access, drawers, and dividers inside to keep your stuff dry and organized.

  • Bow Roller – Lewmar

    Our Bow Roller is manufactured by Lewmar, a company that has been designing and manufacturing innovative and reliable products since 1946. Lewmar Bow Rollers offer a friction-free surface to make dropping and weighing anchor easier. It’s constructed of 304 stainless steel.

  • Cup Holders

    Conveniently placed cup holders make the most use of space and are easily accessible.

  • Enclosed Head

    Console Door, Pompanette, Powder Coated Trim Ring

    We strive to find the best materials and products that go into our boats so that every component may exceed your high standards of quality. We’ve added Pompanette to the family of vendors that help make our boats great. The console door is constructed from the finest built products in the industry. Pompanette has been producing sport fishing equipment for boaters around the world for more than 65 years where innovation and top quality are paramount.

  • Schmitt & 3-Spoke Polished Steering Wheel w/ Turning Knob

    Stainless Steel Steering Wheels, perfect for saltwater. A boat’s steering wheel is much more than just an implement to navigate from point A to point B. It is the helm’s focal point, the embodiment of personality, an instrument emoting pride in ownership. A boat’s steering wheel is the interface between seafaring owners and their true passion in life, spirited with anticipation as they prepare to embark on a thrilling adventure.

  • rod-holders-310gf

    Gemlux Stainless Steel Rod holders

    Gemlux Rod Holders have become the industry standard for offshore fishing boats. They are engineered with fishermen in mind. Now the Sportfishing boat crowd can have a sleek looking rod holders. Gemlux utilizes a new manufacturing process that guarantees strength and corrosion resistance that is needed for all types of environments. GemLux Cutting Edge design ensures a flush fit, and the high grade 316 Stainless steel adds a little extra sparkle to your boat.

  • Upper Bow Storage with Molded Fiberglass Hatches, Gemlux Hardware

    Large storage boxes at the bow will give you plenty of space to stow away your items. Both boxes are insulated and can be used for coolers or dry storage.

  • Taco High Density PVC Rub Rail

    Our Rigid Vinyl Rub Rail provides the ultimate in durability and elegance. A boat has contours that challenge the need for Rub Rail protection – we meet those needs using the highest-quality vinyl components and precision engineering. Our Rigid Vinyl Rub Rail types come monochromatic or with a flexible Chrome insert – designed to withstand the harsh abuse that a boat is subjected to in the marine environment.

  • Bow Bolsters

    Your bow upholstery package includes bow bolsters. When the bow cushion bottoms are on, they provide a soft cushion to rest your back, but when the boat is set for fishing, they double as knee and leg pads when fighting a fish upfront.

  • Shurflo PIRANHA Livewell pump 800 GPH

    The PIRANHA series livewell pumps have a removable cartridge for easy cleaning. The Anti-airlock feature allows the pump to clear trapped air in rough water or when the boat is anchored. The dual-port fitting allows for easy washdown pump connections. 6’ Tinned Wire Assembly, Tough Nylon Housing, Ignition Protected, Water Cooled Motors, and comes with a 3 Year Warranty.

  • Sea-Grip “non skid”

    This texture is applied to the deck and step areas for a uniform random non-skid coat. This non-skid is not patterned and is easy to repair should it ever get chipped or damaged.

  • Macerated In-Deck Fish boxes

    At midship, Port and Starboard, you have two large macerated fish boxes that can double as dry storage or a cooler.

  • Console Footrest

    The console has a molded-in step to offer a place to put your feet while the boat is underway. Topped with a custom pad and the Twin Vee logo.

  • Battery Switches

    Access to the battery switches has never been easier. There is a switch for each engine . All batteries charge simultaneously when the motors are running.

  • Thermoformed Rod Holders w/ ambient lighting

    Faced with the option of the standard, boxy, poorly designed vendor purchased rod holders, Twin Vee stepped up and designed, fabricated, and thermoformed a uniquely designed rod holder. No easy task! This process required Twin Vee to learn the Thermoform business and ultimately acquiring our own Thermoform machine. Utilizing ABS Plastic, with an acrylic coating and UV stable.

  • Llebroc Helm Seating

    Comfort and function meet when it comes to your 240 helm seats that can accommodate two adults comfortably. The individually adjustable flip-up bolsters offer the convenience to allow you to stand or sit, and the armrests add that extra touch of comfort. All in all, a very luxurious helm seating that looks good.

  • U-Flex Power steering kits – MasterDrive SYSTEM

    Unmatched comfort and control, these steering systems offer smooth and efficient steering for your Twin Vee multi-hull platform. Effortless steering for the most demanding applications. The MasterDrive power assisted outboard steering system delivers excellent control regardless of speed or torque conditions. Cylinders are built to last with heavy-duty stainless steel cylinder rod, seals, and link assemblies. Constructed of top-grade materials.

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280 Center Console GF Options

  • Underwater Lights


    Built out of an anodized aluminum housing, these high-quality LED underwater lights are a great feature for this model. The Lumitec underwater lights have a measured output of nearly 900 lumens, giving you plenty of blue glows behind your Twin Vee.

    Interior and underwater marine lighting is a key ingredient in personalizing your Twin Vee. We understand the core characteristics of superior marine lighting. You require lights that are engineered for corrosion resistance and have practical functionality. We research, buy, and install lighting systems with a proven track record of quality electrical and electronic components. Plus they will look great!

  • battery charger - Twin Vee

    3 Bank Battery Charger


    Maintain the charge and power of your three, 12-volt marine started, deep cycle battery with one of the most advanced charging systems designed for improved battery performance and longevity.

  • Powder Coating Package


    A powder-based coating is perfect for creating an attractive and impressive finish on your Twin Vee aluminum. Powder coats are available in black and white. This allows you to truly customize and perfect your boat with the added benefits of enhanced strength. Note that powder coating is not “truck bed-liner tough,” so scratches and chips are known to occur.

  • Euro Transom Holders

    Euro Transom Rod Holders


    Never enough rod holders, for your convenience, we have added an additional group of Rod Holders to the transom of your Twin Vee. These top-quality rod holders are tapered for that contemporary look or Euro Style as they say. “Who are they?”

  • Pro-Fish 1000 Windlass


    100% 316 stainless steel construction as the Pro-Series with the addition of controlled free-fall. The Pro-Fish has automatic free-fall capability that allows you to pull right up over a wreck or ledge, and drop anchor with speed and precision. Pro-Fish Windlasses feature “controlled lock-off” to start or stop anchor free-fall by simply pressing the “up/down” switch. This free-fall operation can also be disengaged from power down. Includes a stainless steel fleming (stripper) that withstands heavy loads.

  • Fusion [upgraded head unit] with subwoofer, amp and (4) 8.8″ speakers w/white grill and LED


    The upgraded Deluxe Entertainment package includes a sub-woofer, power amp, and four 8.8 inch speakers. Fusion is a leader in the marine sound and entertainment market. Fusion systems have redefined audio excellence with revolutionary technology and innovative design, including Fusion’s Digital Signal Processing, and more source options than ever before.

  • Fusion: MS-RA70N AM/FM w/Bluetooth w/(2) 8.8″ speakers


    Our entry-level package includes the Fusion MS-RA70N with (2) 8.8-inch speakers. Fusion is a leader in the marine sound and entertainment market. Fusion systems have redefined audio excellence with revolutionary technology and innovative design, including Fusion’s Digital Signal Processing, and more source options than ever before.

280 Center Console GF Specifications





Draft (Motors Up)


Max Horsepower


Fuel Tank Capacity

2/85 Gallons

Approximate Usable Fuel

170 Gallons



Livewell Capacity

40 Gallons
* Due to mandatory EPA regulations in fuel systems, usable fuel capacity is an estimation and may not reflect actual capacity
/* */

Standard Equipment

Hull and Deck

  • Vacuum resin infused & cored construction
  • Advanced fiberglass stringer system
  • Fuel Cells: "Florida Marine Tanks" 85g usable each w/Fuel level sensors (2)
  • Rod holders: Mounted in gunnel, 8 stainless steel per side (16)
  • Cup holders: stainless steel bow and stern (6)
  • Cleats: Pull up, stainless steel 8" (7)
  • Bow and stern tow eyes: Heavy duty stainless steel (3)
  • Gemlux thru hulls
  • Gemlux tension hinges throughout
  • Stainless steel Bow roller
  • Upper bow storage, port & stbd [anchor/line storage] (2)
  • Rod storage: Under gunnel, thermoformed and flush mounted
  • In-deck macerated fish boxes (2)
  • Helm prep/livewell station [30g]
  • Prep area w/storage
  • Freshwater tank w/washdown (13g)
  • Wash down: Raw water washdown, stern
  • Grip Tex yacht style non-skid
  • Stainless steel drain covers
  • High density PVC, white or black
  • Transom swim platform
  • Armstrong outboard brackets
  • Stainless steel transom boarding ladder w/hand rails
  • Twin Vee logo, raised titanium
  • Double platinum accent stripes

Console, Helm, and T-top Features:

  • Center Sport Console with forward facing coffin/storage box, porta potti [push button technology]
  • Windshield: Acrylic 3-sided
  • XXL dash surface for electronics [accommodate twin 20" screens]
  • Molded console cooler, built-in, forward facing with insulated cooler and upholstery
  • Console foot rest
  • Helm pad
  • Cup holders: stainless steel (2)
  • Switch panel: New Wire Marine rocker switch panel, USB and 12v receptacle with circuit breaker protection
  • Compass: Ritchie Voyager
  • Horn: Electric
  • Battery selector with on/off switches (2)
  • 3 Bank battery charger
  • Steering Wheel: 3 spoke polished steering wheel w/turning knob
  • Fire extinguisher
  • Integrated T-top system, flush mounted aluminum into console
  • Double-sided fiberglass hardtop
  • Outrigger pads, integrated
  • Navigation lights, port & stbd
  • Integrated ebox w/acrylic door, gas ram, ss latch and buss bar
  • LED Light bar, forward & aft, 10,000+ lumens
  • LED Deck flood lights, forward & aft
  • Carbon fiber anchor light, folding

Livewells, Pumps and Storage

  • Bilge pumps: Shurflo 2000 gph (2)
  • Shurflo pump, raw water washdown
  • Pentair Shurflo Aqua King II, fresh water pump
  • Shurflo 800gph pumps, livewell
  • In-deck fishbox/storage w/pumps (port & stbd)
  • Float switches, Ultra Pump
  • Coffin fish box with ss hinges and gas shock lid

Seating and Upholstery

  • Helm Seating: Llebroc twin helm seats
  • Bow bench seating, under storage, upholstered
  • Bow cushion set with under storage
  • Chaise lounge seating upholstered and contoured
  • Stern seating, Port & stbd, upholstered
/* */

Power Options

Twin Suzuki 200APX

Engine Type

DOHC 16-Valve


2,867 (174.9)

Max HP


Starting System


No. of Cylinders


Operating Range (RPM)

5,500 – 6,100

Weight kg (lbs.)

L:228 (502) X:233 (514)


12V 44A

Color Options

/* */

Available Color Options

Hull Gel Coat\Color

Comes with matching top

  • Ice Blue

  • Sea Foam

  • Arctic White

Upholstery Colors (white with selected colored insert)

  • Blueblood

  • Cumulus

  • Silk

  • Silver Light

  • Tahini

  • White