Beyond what is usual, Exceptional in character, noteworthy and Remarkable.

involving or causing a
complete or dramatic change.

causing a marked change.

without any extraneous and unnecessary elements.

The Twin Vee 280 Center Console Go Fish has Finally Arrived

Meet Twin Vee’s NEW 280 CC Go Fish.

Performance, Fuel efficiency & Stability…the 280 GF has more sq. ft. Deck Space than ANY boat in its class.

We pushed the limits of what is Possible.

Function defines form. Every aspect of the 280 Go Fish was designed in pursuit of PEAK Performance and Ride Stability.

Visit a Twin Vee Dealer and meet our Newest Family Member,
The All New 280 Center Console Go Fish

Be careful, She has “Attitude”

Show-Stopping, Eye-Popping, Kinetic, Electric…..Transformative.


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For Additional Information and Pricing on the 280 CC GF
a Twin Vee rep will contact you shortly.