Twin Vee Launches a Web-based Marketplace and Social Hub to Connect Buyers & Sellers!

Twin Vee Launches a Web-based Marketplace and Social Hub to Connect Buyers & SellersPress Release | 09/10/2020

FORT PIERCE, FL / ACCESSWIRE / September 10, 2020 / Twin Vee PowerCats, Inc. (OTC PINK:TVPC), one of the largest production-based dual hull boat companies in the United States, today launched Twin Vee Connect, a social platform that will innovate the boat buying and boat owning experience for Twin Vee’s customers and dealers. The new site is another technological leap forward that adheres to the commitment Twin Vee made to fostering a genuine connection with its current and future customers. “We created Twin Vee Connect as a customer-to-customer and a business-to-customer site that will target the needs of current and aspiring Twin Vee owners and fans of the brand,” says Joseph C. Visconti, CEO of Twin Vee Powercats, Inc. “Twin Vee Connect is a free platform for everything Twin Vee.


The new Twin Vee Connect site is, among other things, a marketplace for authorized dealers and current owners to list their Twin Vees for sale. “With over seven thousand Twin Vee owners around the world as well as a growing dealership network, buyers interested in a Twin Vee will have a major resource at their fingertips. Twin Vee Connect will help them find the perfect boat to buy for their family, for their sea-based adventures, or that fishing trip they look forward to every weekend.,” states Visconti. The process is simple: owners or dealers will list the boats for sale and provide important information such as price, the model year, a detailed description of the boat itself, and provide up to 24 high-quality images of the boat’s current state. Buyers interested in purchasing a new or used Twin Vee boat will be able to access Twin Vee Connect from anywhere using a computer or a mobile device. Jay Foster, head of Twin Vee’s Web Development, adds, “Interested buyers can filter their search results and fine-tune their hunt for the Best Riding Boats on the Water. For example, I might be looking for a gray, center-console boat manufactured between 2017 and 2019, with low engine hours within my price range. That is the level of search customization available on Twin Vee Connect.”

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A look at Twin Vee Connect’s Customizable Boat Search

Once a potential buyer finds the boat of their dreams, the listing will provide the seller’s or dealer’s contact information so that buyers can ask questions about the boat, schedule a test ride, or even make an offer. Twin Vee Connect will also provide resources for financing in the future, should a buyer be interested. “The financing options will be an extremely valuable part of the site once it goes live. Checking if you pre-qualify for financing won’t affect your credit score and only take a few minutes. And by pre-qualifying for financing, you’ll know what your monthly payments will be so you can find the right boat to fit your budget,” explains Visconti. “The Twin Vee Connect Marketplace provides an all-new avenue for current owners looking to sell and interested buyers to find their dream boat outside of traditional retail.”

The Owners Group

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A preview of what The Owners Group will look like

In addition to the Marketplace, Twin Vee Connect offers a dedicated and monitored Twin Vee social platform for Twin Vee owners to ask questions, share advice, help other owners, or simply chit-chat about the Best Riding boats on the Water. “Since I took over running Twin Vee Powercats, Inc. several years ago, I have found one of my favorite things is hearing from Twin Vee owners about their experiences with their boats,” says Visconti, “These rich stories I’ve had the pleasure of hearing over my tenure have definitely inspired The Owners Group portion of Twin Vee Connect.” The Owners Group is a place where Twin Vee enthusiasts and owners can come together and discuss boating and the industry-at-large. Whether it be talking about personal experiences, going over various tips and tricks, or just a way to share the story on the big catch you made, The Owners Group allows people to come together over shared interests in Twin Vee and boating in general.

“We are so excited to be able to provide this monitored forum for our owners and boating fans in general to talk about this passion we all share,” states Foster. “The team here is looking forward to contributing their own stories and discussions along the way, and hope owners and enthusiasts will be eager to connect with one other.”

An Evolving Website

Just as the Twin Vee brand has changed and evolved over the last few years, Visconti sees Twin Vee Connect as an ongoing project that will continue to add new features and content that Twin Vee owners will be interested in utilizing. “While we have officially launched the site, we are committed to expanding Twin Vee Connect into an even more robust platform moving forward. Our goal right now is to offer financing options, boat transportation, insurance quotes, and even more information about everything Twin Vee directly from the website. We want Twin Vee Connect to be an essential resource for our owners and those interested in the Twin Vee brand and believe this is a solid foundation to build upon.”

Those interested in Twin Vee Connect can go to

About Twin Vee PowerCats, Inc.

Headed by CEO Joseph Visconti and originally founded in 1994, the company designs, manufactures, and sells recreational and commercial twin-hull powerboats under the Twin Vee brand name. Over the past 26 years, the company has concentrated on perfecting the high-speed twin-displacement hull design, also known as a “catamaran powerboat.” For more information, go to or visit Twin Vee Powercats, Inc.’s Facebook page.


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SOURCE: Twin Vee PowerCats, Inc.

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