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Twin Vee 240 Center Console Featured in Boating Magazine

Twin Vee was recently featured in the magazine Center Console Life.

Rise in Power Catamaran Interest Seen in Twin Vee Sales

This rise in sales are due to the continuing rise of consumer interest in dual-hull boats.

Twin Vee Unveils The Future Of Boating

Twin Vee unveiled its latest model several years in the making: the 240 Dual Console ("DC") PowerCat.

Twin Vee Unveils Transformative New PowerCat for 25th Anniversary; Awarded “Best Boat” by Florida Sportsman Magazine

Twin Vee is celebrating its 25th anniversary by doing what it has done from the very start: design and construct revolutionary new multi-hull boats.

Twin Vee Dispels Myths Associated with Power Catamarans

Twin Vee provided some insight into its power catamarans and the misconceptions some have made of the dual-hulled vessels.

Twin Vee PowerCats, Inc. – OceanCat Second Most Popular 26-Footer in Florida

Twin Vee's 26-foot OceanCat is the second most popular 26-foot boat in the State of Florida.

Twin Vee Partners with The Boat House as New Dealer

The Boat House, a dealership with seven locations across the United States, has become the newest authorized dealer of Twin Vee's dual-hull, offshore power catamarans.